Acupuncture weight loss program has these 5 steps inside the treatment room.

In SOO health care, Weight loss program has these 5 steps inside the treatment room.
Stomach weight loss massage: For warming up large and small intestine muscles and abdominal muscles.

Acupuncture weight loss treatment : decomposition of fat cells on your stomach area
Heat therapy: For easy absorption of stomach fat cells with warm temperature infrared heating lamp.
ESSENTIAL oil therapy: with dottera essential therapeutic oil, make tight your outside skin.
Vibration therapy
Following these 8 tips for outside clinic homeworks.
Take one Fermented Ezyme pack every morning with warm water.
Avoid cold foods, cold drinks.
Do not eat food after dinner, Try to eat dinner early (5 or 6pm)
Control your food portion.
Take balanced nutrition, take some vitamins and mineral supplements.
Do not skip your 3 meals per day. But make your dish small.  
Massage stomach at least 5 times a day and make waves on your tummy.
Exercise EVERYDAY bicycle crunch with favorite fast music at least for 3minutes.

All these information is our weight loss program instruction.
We recommend our Weight loss program to keep 2 to 3 times a week for 1 month, you can see the difference on your tummy size, following with healthy body.

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