San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area Reliable and Professional Customs Broker

customs brokers in San Francisco CA USA –,  San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area  Reliable and Professional Customs Broker

 San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area  Reliable and Professional Customs Broker

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 – the proven leader of Customs Brokerage Service. 

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UNIPAX is a reliable Customs Broker in San Francisco California USA and you can trust our people and services.  UNIPAX provides the customs clearance service not only in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Bay Area but in any arrival ports throughout the United States via Remote Location Filing.  With Unipax, you are guaranteed of fast, professional and reliable customs clearance services.  With Unipax, you are assured to reduce duties, avoid penalties, and eliminate compliance risk.

We are expert of US customs broker in San Francisco, clearance & brokerage, freight forwardinginternational shipping in Oakland CA USA

Customs Services

  • Formal Entries / Informal Entries
  • ISF (10+2) Filing
  • Single and Continuous Customs Bond
  • Remote Location Filing
  • ATA Carnet
  • Hand Carried Entries
  • FDA/USDA/Wildlife Animals Entries
  • IE, IT, and TNE
  • Quota Entries
  • Anti-Dumping / Countervailing Entries
  • TIB (Transit In Bond) Entries
  • Duty Excemption Entries
  • Personal Effects Entries
  • Section 321 (No entry, No duty)

San Francisco, Oakland, Bay Area 

Reliable and Professional Customs Broker 

Logistics Services
  • Door to Door Service
  • Port to Door Service
  • DDP/DAP/CIF/FOB/Ex-Works Rate Quotation
  • Inbound BBK and Document Turn-over
  • Cartage/Inland Delivery
  • Fast Pickup and Delivery Service
  • Long Distance Trucking
  • Local Trucking
  • Drayage Service for Full containers
  • Cargo Insurance

Other Services
  • Korea-USA FTA Consulting Service
  • Duty Refund
  • Duty Drawback
  • Classification Review
  • Customs Ruling
  • Customs Compliance
  • C-TPAT Consulting

Unipax Chb Int’l.
UNIPAX CHB INT’L (Mr. Michael Choi) Address: 2530 Turnberry Drive, So.San Francisco, CA 94080 USA, Phone: 650-438-2797, Email: [email protected]